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Respect America by supporting Veteran Owned Businesses.

Respect America by supporting Veteran Owned Businesses.

Civilian Oriented Police Systems in the only publicly taught self-defense course that includes actual Police and Military Tactics. It is the World’s #1 Reality Self-Defense training course and is only available from Certified C.O.P.S. Instructors.

Thanks to the C.O.P.S. Program you can now learn to protect yourself using this secret techniques that can Disable ANY Opponent. These are not sport techniques designed to teach you how to score a point in a tournament like you find in typical martial arts schools. These are real world Police and Military Defensive Tactics techniques designed to slaughter your attacker. Believe me, if you are protecting yourself or your children and familty then you don’t want average tournament martial arts that teach you how to stun or knock down your opponent. These are techniques that will stop an attacker in his tracks and leave him in a broken slump on the ground until the Police ( or his ambulance) arrives.

Our instructors are not only self-defense experts but are also decorated combat veterans, former under cover and street officers and security professionals,

So why did we bring this program to the USA? To be honest it was because I was just outright disgusted with what I saw being promoted to the public as self defense. Learning Sport Karate will get you killed. No Rapist, Car Jacker or other violent criminal is ever going to fight by Sport Karate or Olympic rules. That is why you need reality based self-defense and also why you should learn the same self-defense techniques taught to Police and Military. They are designed to save your life.

Just watch your local news at night and see how often the unexpected happens and honest citizens and their families are victims of violent crimes. Just a few short years ago the term self-defense was quite uncommon. However, in recent years learning self-protection skills has become a necessity for most of us.

C.O.P.S. Instructors not only teach you the self-defense techniques and skills to deal with a violent predator but they will also give you the skills that may be helpful for you in any harmful or threatening situation. 


There is a growing awareness of the need to learn reality based self-defense. If the student works in such fields as law enforcement, investigations, corrections, body guarding, or fugitive recovery a complete understanding and mastering of an advanced level, internationally approved, and effective self-defense system is crucial for job performance and personal safety. Similarly the need for civilians to learn paramilitary threat recognition and self-protection is equally important. C.O.P.S. Was developed in order to provide professional self-defense and personal protection training to all types of students, regardless of age, race, sex or experience level.

Our mission is to create public awareness about the existence of potential threats, to learn how to counter them, to build self-confidence and to increase the effectiveness of modern defensive tactics training.

C.O.P.S. will provide cutting edge learning concepts as well as practical training for the absolute benefit of any student. We are accredited by the Korean Military Arts Federation and our system has been tested and proven by the Korean National Police College.

Our goal is to constantly evaluate existing self-defense techniques, to improve all skill levels, and to provide the best individual training experience available. C.O.P.S. intends to change the way the world views self-defense training and how people react during personal emergencies.

C.O.P.S. is an Internationally Licensed Defensive Tactics Self Defense System developed by the Korean Military and Korean National Police College. Until 2012 it was only taught to special Police and Military Unites. For the first time it is being offered internationally to civilians taught by Licensed Instructors.

The C.O.P.S Program combines criminal psychology, Police and Military Defensive Tactics and Special Forces C.Q.C. (close quarter combat) techniques in a safe Police Academy Training format.

The C.O.P.S. Courses:

Ph: 321-443-8077 209 Capitol Court. Ocoee, Florida 34761

Ph: 325-372-4800 311 N. High St. San Saba, Texas 76877


school map ocoee

Map to our martial arts school at 209 Capitol Court Ocoee, FL 34761

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