Summer Camp in Ocoee and Clermont Helps Children Get In Shape and Lose Weight

Martial Arts Summer Camps Help Children Get In Shape and Lose Weight
Childhood obesity is a very serious matter. Many of the approaches to weight loss only leave children more frustrated with themselves and their bodies, causing them to overeat and have low self-esteem. Worse is that they may come to believe that they can never get the weight off. Then being overweight becomes a problem that haunts them throughout adulthood. This is a big part of why obesity has become an epidemic that is plaguing society at all levels, but martial arts is a great way help children stay fit and active. The sense of accomplishment they’ll feel can help them stay in shape for the rest of their lives and the lessons they’ll learn from martial arts can help to secure their success overall.
The Problem with Childhood Obesity
There are some parents who dismiss the fact that their child is overweight by simply attributing the excess pounds to ‘baby fat’. They come to believe that if they just ignore the problem it will go away, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s true that many children slim down over time, naturally becoming more active and adapting healthy eating habits, but that’s not the case for most children. In fact, the CDC reports that childhood obesity percentages have doubled between 1980 and 2012 and quadrupled among adolescents during that same time. Clearly the old methods of addressing the problem simply aren’t working.
The fact that obese children can suffer from low self-esteem and bullying isn’t news. Having poor self-esteem can have a negative impact on a child for their entire lives, placing a big hurdle that blocks them from having healthy relationships, confidence, and success in general. But something that also should be paid attention to is how childhood obesity negatively affects physical health. Those who are obese from their youth are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, joint and bone problems, and even diabetes.
An effective solution to the dilemma needs to be had, but forcing a child to diet and exercise often backfires, as they come to feel resentful, abused, and deprived. In order to successfully lose weight, a child must have a program they can be excited about, allowing them to be intrinsically motivated, keeping them going even when it gets tough. For many children, martial arts proves to be that motivating program that effectively cures childhood obesity.
Motivation to be Physically Active Becomes No Longer a Problem
There are many ways martial arts helps obese children stay motivated and finally get the weight off. Many children get excited at the very thought of taking martial arts classes because they’ve always admired and wanted to learn the techniques. Others come in and find out that they’re physically capable of much more than they ever thought. They get excited to experience achievements wherein the challenge requires them to find their own strength. They see the weight start to come off and this motivates them even more.
Martial arts summer camp allows the child to become completely emerged. For many obese children, a break away from the norms of their everyday life is exactly what they need to overcome the depression that may be keeping them back from achieving fitness goals. The camp is a safe, uplifting environment where children are guided through self-discovery. They learn the physical and mental discipline they need to get the weight off and keep it off for good. The children come away from the camp with more self-respect. This transformation can cancel out obesity as one of their issues.
Establishing a Solid Foundation for Life-Long Fitness
Many children struggle with weight loss simply because they’ve never experienced such a dramatic transformation of their bodies before. Weight loss can be even more of a dramatic change than puberty because it transforms every inch of a person’s body. The weight loss that happens as they attend martial arts summer camp shows them that slimming down is indeed possible. Instead of identifying themselves with their fat, they become more able to see who they really are. Sometimes this small catalyst to belief in the possibility of having a healthy body is all a child needs.
Challenging Exercise and Useful Skills
Martial arts training is infamous for being physically demanding. The challenge of the training is not exaggeration. Yet each student is allowed to advance at their own pace, so that none need worry about being less fit than the others. This challenging workout helps burn calories at a very high rate, causing many students to lose a substantial portion of their excess body fat during their time at camp. Yet in all of this, it shouldn’t be forgotten that martial arts offers many other benefits beyond weight loss.
Children who are trained in the martial arts get to learn physical and mental methods of self-defense. This is often especially important for those who’ve suffered harassment due to being overweight. They learn how to protect themselves as they learn their own worth. For those battling with childhood obesity, martial arts summer camp can bring them the victory they so desperately need.

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