The Lesson of TaeGuk Il Jang

At the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies Taekwondo school in Ocoee, Florida there is much more to learning a Taekwondo Form, or “Poomse” as it is called in Korean, then just memorizing the physical movements. You should also learn the self-defense application of these moves and the Master’s philosophy as well. Take a look at the video below to see the movements. Then read the description for your Taekwondo philosophy lesson today.

In the Korean language they say that the form TaeGuk Il Jang represents “Keon” which means Heaven. So the first TaeGuk Poomse is the Heaven/Universe form. It is associated with the ancient Trigram symbol that represents Yang, or male/positive energy. The philosophical concept behind the form is that the universe gives birth to the cycle of life. That is why the Taekwondo student starts his or her journey as a White Belt, and the first part of the journey – the end of the first cycle – comes with the attainment of a Black Belt.

As the ancient Chinese Tao teaches us, with an end comes a brand new beginning. Just as night becomes day, the Taekwondo student begins anew as a Black Belt. This means that the learning cycle of the student who some day may become a master martial artist reflects the cycle of life itself.

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