Martial Arts School in Ocoee

Welcome to the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies school in Ocoee, Florida.

Whether you are inquiring about the martial arts for yourself, your child or your entire family, no one is more capable of fulfilling your needs than the American Dragon staff.

Our school has some of the most highly trained instructors in country, headed by International martial arts authority, Grandmaster Richard Hackworth. After training in Korea and Japan for over 24 years he obtained grandmaster rank in 4 different martial arts. He later returned to the United States and began teaching the Korean Martial Arts here. He is also well knows as the host of the “World Martial Arts TV Show” and featured star of “The Warrior’s Quest” movie.He currently makes his home in Windermere, Florida with his wife and two lovely daughters.

Our various associate instructors all hold either grandmaster or master rank in multiple arts such as Hapkido, known as the Self-Defense Art, TaeKwondo the World’s most popular martial art, TangSoodo – Korean Karate, Korean Ju Jitsu and Judo.

Grand Master Fred Parks is co-host of the “World Martial Arts TV and Radio Shows”. He is one of the most respected self-defense experts in the country and specializes in teaching TangSooDo Korean Karate. He has over forty years of martial arts experience and is a certified school teacher and Registered Nurse. Grand Master Parks moved to Ocoee from Tennessee and enjoys teaching students of all ages.

Travis Wise is an Assistant Instructor who is a lifelong resident of Winter Garden. He holds ranks in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Korean Jujitsu.

American Dragon teaches adults and children using the same curriculum and standards as those used in Korea as established by the World Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Whether you are interested in studying for adult personal protection self-defense, or simply want to get into better physical shape while enjoying a friendly atmosphere American Dragon is for you.

We take pride in our children’s programs.  We are not a “Kiddie Karate” sport school or a “belt factory.” By the same token while we teach traditional military style self-defense techniques and our standards are rigorous they are taught with positive reinforcement and a dedication to correct behavior. A parent only has to read our student creed to appreciate the nature of our commitment to excellence with the children under our care.

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